Why America's having a change of heart in pickups. The Chevrolet Sportside. More V6 power than Ford, styled like no truck available from Ford.

CHEVY SPORTSIDE. MORE V6 POWER THAN FORD, STYLED LIKE NO TRUCK AVAILABLE FROM FORD. Admit it. If there were a meter attached to all the sensitive points on your body right now and you saw this truck coming down the street, the needle would jump off the gage. That's how hot 'n juicy Chevy Sportside is. The swept-back looks alone can incite your \ I\N, glands There's rmio. ut 'smuch more, of course. There's the standard Vortec V6. Bristling with fuel-injected aggressiveness. More standard half-ton power than Ford. 

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If you want even more force (and you might, you might) get the available 350 V8. The Getrag-licensed 5-speed manual trans-mission with overdrive is standard. So is the sporty stepside box. See the Chevy Sportside at your Chevy deal-er's. In either 2- or 4-wheel drive. And you'll see why America's having a serious change of heart about ordinary-looking, outdated pickups. Chevy Sportside, now with new 3-year/50,000-mile Bumper to Bumper Plus Warranty. See your Chevrolet dealer for terms of this new limited warranty. Chevrolet. Chevy. Sportside and the Chevrolet emblem are registered trademarks of GM Corp. ,e,1988 GM Corp. All Rights Reserved. (01988 The Coca-Cola Company. ''Coca-Cola''. 'Coke and ''The Dynamic Ribbon Device are registered trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company. 

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Let's get it together...buckle up.

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