BMW. The experts' choice.

The experts' choice.
Amazing how much kids know today. Some of them are smart-er about cars than their dads. These kids are clearly among the more knowledgeable of their generation. They're actually checking out the famed BMW suspension that gives this car the firmest grip on the road of any car going. Sorry we can't show you another shot we've got of the two of them poking around in the engine compartment. Home of the other big BMW secret. 
Would you believe these kids know all about BMW's triple-hemispheric combustion chamber? Central to our amazingly powerful BMW short-stroke engine that pushes their dad's 6-cylinder along at up to 130 mph? BMW's, as you probably know, are built by the famed Bavarian Motor Works in Munich, Germany. We've been producing great automotive machinery, motorcycles, aircraft and even marine 
engines for more than 50 years. The BMW 6-cylinder is our greatest triumph to date. Ask any expert. BMW's are available in nine different four or six•cylinder models ranging in price from $3,015 to $8,453 P.O.E. New York. U. S. Importer: Hoffman Motors Corporation, 375 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y., 12541 Beatrice St., Los Angeles, California. Dealers Coast to Coast. Advantageous European Delivery Program. Write for free brochure No. Ti.• 
Bavarian Motor Works in Munich, city of the 1972 Olympics.

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