Le Car by Renault. Le Sports Car.

Le Sports Car 
When it comes to economy. he Car can compete with just about any small car. But when it comes to performance, not many small cars can compote with be Car. Le hrformance Cat Le Car may not look like a sports ear. Until you check the features. They're the most sophisticated that you'll find on any car at any price. Front-wheal drive, rack and pinion steeringlour-wheel independent suspension and Michelinfled-belted radiofitatv all standard. (Cars like Rabbit. Fiesta, Honda Civic and Chevette don't offer thiscombination of features as standard equipment. And, surprisingly. neither do cars like MOB, Triumph TM, Fiat 124 and Porsche 924.) The result is a car that will handle and corner about as fast as anyone would really care to. Of course, what we promise in our ads we prove on the track. Le Car so dominated its class in racing in 1977, that Sports Car Magazine wrote: ''Showroom Stock Class C is spelled R-E-N-A-U-L-T.'' be Car gets 41 MPG highway/ 28 MPG city according to 1978 EPA figures: Remember: these mileage figures are estimates. The actual mileage you get will vary depending on the type of drivingYou do, your driving habits, your ear's condition and optional equipment. Mewl of comfort unheard of m small, sporty cam. Unlike other cars in its class, LeCar recognizes the fact that people have to ride in it. Le Car offers a ride that's so smooth critics have called it ''unbelievable'' for a carol its size. And it has wide, comfortable front bucket seats (fully reclining in the GTE. deluxe). What's more, in proportion to its exterior length, be Car has more interior space than any other car on the road. Atrack record with owners, too. In Europe, where people drive with a passion, nearly 2 million people drive Le Car. (That's more than Fiesta and Rabbit combined.) And in America. Le Car sales have mote than doubled in just one year. What's more. three separate surveys showed that be Car owner satisfaction is at an incredible 95%. Le Car prices start at only $38.30.'' And that includes one more feature you won't find In every sports car. A back seat. For more information call 800• . 621-1616 for your nearest dealer. In NewJersey call collect 201461.6000. • Peke textual; treapertnia &wive popontim end taut Mph Ifile *Web and RN, IrOntmntar 910011a1 at weir% ext. lad Item tzetWsel. Recheck V$A. Int. OM. 
Le Car by Renault*

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