Renault Dauphine. The fashionable car for practical playboys.

Renault Dauphine. The Fashionable Car for Practical Playboys. $1670 complete. Suggested retail price, plus local freight, handling, and tax. A masterpiece of precision engineering. Rugged single-unit steel chassis, Efficient overhead valve engine in rear, Newest 4-wheel suspension system, Rack and pinion steering, Extra large hydraulic brakes, Newest anti-sway torsion bar. 43 miles per gallon economy. Sleek and spirited... the new Renault Dauphine is designed to turn a lady’s head. Looks expensive. but isn’t... that’s the “beauty” of this remarkable Dauphine. It’s the best combination of comfort, safety, and economical performance ever built into an automobile. Your nearest Renault dealer will demonstrate how you can save up to 70% on operating costs. Test drive it today! Free! A special color brochure from Paris for those planning to purchase a car. Write Lake States Imports, Inc. – 1000 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill. Free! Colorful, decorative French posters. Ask your local Renault dealer. A free special color brochure from Paris? Sign me up.

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