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Introducing the 1982 Volkswagen Scirocco: Shaped for the wind. Nothing else is a Volkswagen.

Introducing the 1982 Scirocco: Shaped for the wind. Nothing else is a Volkswagen. Aerodynamics isn't just for the birds. It affects everything that moves through the atmosphere. The better the s1-ia And, eihtehe bettretrhteheerrfance. ieonrcmy Especially true for the 1982 Scirocco. Using a wind tunnel, VW fine-tuned their sportscars outline to slice through the most formidable headwinds with greater ease. Its 1.7-liter fuel-injected engine rips from 0 to 50 in 8.5 fleet seconds. In the process, VW reduced front-end lift by 30%. And increased rear-end rood huggability (with VW's patented spoiler) a whopping 60%. So the front-wheel drive Scirocco now has greater .ability on open roads and surer handling to weave through tight curves. Forward visibility has been improved with a lower nose and o mom sharply rated windshield. And you can see more of what you leave behind with a larger, curved window in bock. Additionally the newly designed Scirocco has more interior room and o quieter ride. And, with less air resistance os you go breezing down the highways, WV hos reduced yet another drag to owning a sportscor these days. Excessive gas guzzling. EPA estimated 41 highway mpg and an estimated g mpg. (Use estimated mpg for comparisons. Your mileage varies with weather, speed and trip plernott,11,Ayclb-,teiTesl highway mileage will

Em quais episódios os rostos dos personagens da série Chaves foram extraídos para a vinheta de abertura?

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Você já se perguntou em quais episódios aparecem os rostos dos personagens que fazem parte da abertura de Chaves?

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