Five professional nitpickers criticize the AMC Javelin.

Five professional nitpickers criticize the Javelin. 
''Javelin is a world apart from the other ponycars in styling, comfort, space and features...the car turned andcornered as if it were nailed to the road...Nearly every interior dimension is larger than its com-petitors, and three in the full width back seat is a reality...Performance of our test car was just short of surprising...Too few cars have brakes equal to the optional front disc/rear drum power units on the Javelin...'' —Motor Trend, January,1968 
''BRAND NEW IMAGE BUSTER...trans-mission responds well to hard active operation and the synchromesh is all but faultless...driving the Javelin is an inter-esting and satisfying experience...the ability to bring a howl from the rear wheels in any of the lower gears is undeniably exciting...the Javelin has a lot of things going for it...'' —Car Life, December,1967 ''AN EXCITING NEW SPORTSTER...A real racy-looking car...shows up well on the road-handling to drive... 
particularly liked the action of the optional power steering...The Javelin reacts almost the same at high speed as it does during low-speed maneuvers.'' —Popular Science Monthly, September,1967 
''AN AMERICAN is sur-prisingly soft...On long series of tight right—and left hand curves, the quick response, the time it took to go from one steady state to another, was pleasingly impressive...Javelin's brakes were all we could want ...optional heavy-duty suspen-sion and wide tread tires really work could feel and even control the point at which tire adhesion gave way...'' —Hot Rod Magazine, December,1967 ''FRONT END OF JAVELIN IS MEAN LOOKING...Fresh, clean lines and a lux-urious interior...interior appointments very comfortable and well-laid out...visi-bility forward is excellent...has a lot more legroom than is generally associated with pony cars...'' —Motorcade, November,1967 American Motors

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