You're about to have a powerful change of heart. The Chevrolet S-10 4x4. More available power than Ford Ranger. Plus standard Insta-Trac.

S-10 4x4. MORE AVAILABLE POWER THAN FORD. PLUS STANDARD INSTA-TRAC. Let us throw some numbers at you: 160 HP, 230 pounds of torque. Or 14% more horsepower, 35% more torque than Ranger can offer you. From the biggest engine with the most V6 horsepower, torque and towing power available in a compact 4x4. That's what's waiting for you underhood a Chevy S-I0 with available 4.3L V6. And to keep you out front, S-10's standard Insta-Trac 4x4 system lets you shift into 4WD High and keep right on going. While Ranger's standard system makes you stop, get out and lock hubs. To help you look good standing still, there's that new Chevy S-I0 Baja. Or you can trick up an S-I0 your way with our new Preferred Equipment Groups and save up to $1,900* in the bargain. Check out a new Vortec V6 Chevy S-I0 4x4. You'll find it's the difference between making dust. And eating it. Chevy S-10, now with new 3-year/50,000-mile Bumper to Bumper Plus Warranty. See your Chevrolet dealer for terms of this new limited warranty. 'Savings based on M.S.R.P. for option groups versus options purchased separately Chevrolet. Chevy, 5-10 and the Chevrolet emblem are registered trademarks of GM Corp. 0 1988 GM Corp. All Rights Reserved. The light support on this truck is not a roll bar. The support will not protect you in an accident. Let's get it together...buckle up

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